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Product Categories

The product categories at The Clean Show represent the entire value-added chain in the textile care, dry cleaning, and laundry sectors.

01.05   Patching / heat-seal equipment
01.07   Embroidery and sewing
01.08   Adhesives
01.09   Emblems/logos and sew-on patches
01.10   Miscellaneous Textiles


02.01  Washing/extracting equipment / continuous batch washers
02.02  Drying machines
02.03  Coin/card operated washers/dryers and related equipment
02.04  Washing machines for mattresses
02.05  Washing and treatment machines for mats
02.07  Laundry presses and centrifuges
02.08  Cleanroom Applications
02.09  Sterilization systems and equipment
02.10  Miscellaneous: Washing Textiles

03.01  Spotting equipment
03.02  Hydrocarbon solvent cleaning machines
03.03  Perchloroethylene dry cleaning machines
03.04  Alternative solvents for textile cleaning machines
03.05  Wet cleaning applications
03.07  Extraction units
03.08  Miscellaneous: Cleaning Textiles

04.01   Carpet cleaning machines
04.02  Carpet washers
04.03  Carpet dryers
04.04  Fitted carpet cleaners
04.05  Fur/leather/suede cleaning
04.06  Finishers for upholstery and leather furniture
04.07  Miscellaneous: Flooring & Upholstery

05.02  Pressing equipment and irons
05.03  Ironing boards
05.04  Ironing machines and presses
05.07  Finishers and tunnel finishers
05.09  Dryers, cabinet dryers and drying systems
05.10  Dryers for wet cleaning
05.11  Folding tables and machines, automatic folders and folding robots
05.12  Miscellaneous: Textile Drying and Finishing

06.02  Steam installations
06.03  Electrical installations and lighting
06.04  Energy recovery systems
06.05  Water softening systems
06.06  Heat recovery systems/heat exchangers
06.07  Water heaters
06.08  Water treatment systems, water management
06.09  Recycling systems/water-circulation management
06.10  Dust control/air-filters/air fresheners/air filter aids
06.11  Condensation outlets
06.12  Waste water treatment systems
06.13  Waste disposal technology
06.14  Boiler/heat reclaimers and exchangers/pumps
06.15  Water reuse systems
06.16  Water cooling/water heating
06.17  Green Product Technology
06.18  Plant construction/salvage
06.19  Miscellaneous: Water Technology/Utilities/ Energy Saving Solutions

07.02  Additives (eg. soaps/detergents/chemicals/odor neutralizers/sizing/softeners)
07.03  Disinfectants
07.04  Flame retardants
07.05  Water-repellents
07.06  Waterproofing agents
07.07  Solvents
07.10  Finishing and starching agents
07.12  Miscellaneous Agents and Systems for the cleaning, finishing and disinfection of textiles

08.01  Workwear and occupational clothing
08.02  Personal protective equipment 
08.04  Bed linen
08.09  Table linen, throws, towels
08.11  Towel rolls and dispensers
08.13  Mats
08.14  Cleaning cloths
08.15  Wiping cloths
08.16  Toiletries
08.17  Miscellaneous: Uniform and Facility Services

09.01  Dispensing and discharge systems
09.02  Conveyors/feeders/rail systems
09.03  Storage, sorting, transport and distribution systems
09.04  Stacking systems/forklift truck
09.05  Packing machines for laundry and clothes
09.06  Trucks and vans
09.07  Laundry containers, separation containers, bags and trolleys
09.09  Transportation
09.10  Scales and weighing technology
09.12   After hours &  24/7 drop-off & pick-up
09.13   Input machines, preparation facilities
09.14   Miscellaneous Logistics and Material Flow

10.01  Sales/revenue planning, sales control
10.02  Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
10.03  Document management
10.04  E-Commerce
10.05  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
10.06  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), merchandise management
10.07  Remote surveillance, fault diagnosis in machines and systems, operating data collection
10.08  Intelligent POS terminals and accounting systems
10.09  Collection and product range planning
10.10   Management Information Systems (MIS)
10.11    Mobile order entry
10.12    Mobile data entry
10.14   Production, Planning and Control systems (PPC)
10.15   Barcode systems
10.16   Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID)
10.17   Supply Chain Management (SCM)
10.20  Tracking systems, route planning
10.22  Miscellaneous Information Technology

11.07  Lint rollers
11.08  Labels
11.10  Laundry tickets
11.11  Receipt pads
11.14  Packaging materials
11.15  Signage
11.16  Mops, brooms, furniture, folding tables, mats
11.17  Linens, blankets, spreads, drapery
11.18  Apparel, aprons, caps, gloves, masks
11.19  Carts, liners, covers, shelving, cabinets, bags, hangers
11.20  Currency Machines
11.21  Miscellaneous: Other Operational Materials

12.01  Employee development, further education and training
12.02  Management, personnel and business consultancy
12.03  Operational and systems planning
12.05  National and international associations and institutions
12.06  Publications
12.07  Financing and leasing
12.08  Insurance companies
12.09  Miscellaneous: Services, Associations, Consultancy, Training, and Capital Funding

13.01  Research institutes and institutions
13.02  Universities, further education and technical colleges
13.03  Testing and certification authorities, laboratories
13.04  Miscellaneous Research, Development, and Testing

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